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In 2020, our children were robbed of their normal lives. Schools, park districts, community centers, gyms, fields, sport teams and playgrounds were all closed. Many of our youth depended on these opportunities to learn, play and grow. As we continue to find our way back to normal, we know the best way to do this is providing opportunity for our youth to get active.


So inspire our youth to return to play by supporting our 2,021 Athletic Care Bags Project. With ONLY $20, you can empower one child with an Athletic Care Bag that includes a basketball, jump rope, cones, wristband, exercise plan, nutrition chart and water bottle.


Last year, we distributed 600 Athletic Care Bags and would love to reach our goal of 2,021 this year! With our youth facing one of the most challenging times in history, we know sports will be a vital part in healing their lives. Through sports, they will boost their health, develop emotional intelligence, improve communication, build teamwork skills and so much more. Together we made it through 2020. Now let’s make sure our children are equipped with the resources needed to restart their lives & save our future.


Join us. Spread the word. Make a donation. 100% of your gift will directly fund our youth sports programming.